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Ep 18: How Do You Do This Everyday?

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It’s one thing to do a one-month NaNoWriMo. It’s another thing to write day-in, day-out, for years on end. People ask me “How do you do this every day?” You might be wondering the same thing about your own writing. Here’s the answer.

Ep 17: Pleasing Yourself

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Who are you writing this for? Who are you trying to impress? If you want to free your creative voice, you need to start from the inside, and work outwards. Here’s why it’s important, why it’s difficult, and some tips on how.

Ep 14: Cycling

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Dreading the revisions at the end of your novel? Wondering how to keep your complicated plot from going off the rails, even when you’re working without an outline? This technique can solve both problems for you, and unlock other creative possibilities besides.