ArtisticWhispers Productions presents

Open Vistas

An anthology series exploring the vast horizons of human possibility, from the great plains to the great galaxies, from the grubby hands to the clenched fists to the grasping claws, from slashing swords to sparkling starships, from the grime and muck of the stable to the splendor and desolation of alien worlds. The human story is one of pressure and tragedy and triumph in our pursuit of Open Vistas.

We are now taking submissions for the first round of anthologies we’ll be doing in 2022 (announcements for the other three will follow shortly). No matter who you are, where you come from, or what you think, we want to hear from you. We’re looking for daring, well-told stories to delight, discomfit, provoke, and thrill the reader.

Currently Open for Submission

We currently have four anthologies open for submissions of between 3k and 10k words per story. They are (click on the title for details):
Swords in Space!
After the Peak
Immortality* (*some assembly required)
Iron, Fire, Muck and Sludge

Payment and Rights

Open Vistas is a speculative project that is boostrapping its own funding. As such, the editorial team will pay a small option fee upon acceptance to reserve your story for a limited time. Once  we have reserved enough stories to go forward with an anthology, we will crowdfund the project with the aim of paying either a full professional rate (8c/wd) or a pro-rata share of the crowd-funding take (in the event that we do not raise enough to pay a full professional rate).
We are seeking first serial rights with an option on audio rights. Reprints will be considered. Stories must be your own original creation, and not part of another artist’s story world.

Send submissions to Please include the anthology name in the subject heading, and attach a *.doc or *.odt file.