These are the humans and aliens, men and women, organics and bots, that make this podcast possible. Their commitment to their craft and art has led them to join the crusade for productivity, discipline, and unstoppable creative excellence. Respect them, or you may come to fear them.

  1. Kitty NicIaian, Publisher, ArtisticWhispers Productions, Inc.
  2. Benjamin Sawyer, Author
  3. John Kilgallon, Author
  4. Melisa Todd, Author
  5. Chuck Heitzelman, Author
  6. Timothy Niederriter, Author
  7. Dave Wheeler, Author
  8. Vega Falconer, Author
  9. Robin Devereaux, Author
  10. Eric Edstrom, Author
  11. Tristan Johnson, Author
  12. Scott Couchman, Author
  13. Eric Johnson, Author
  14. Big Ed Magusson, Author
  15. Robert Tillsley, Author
  16. Inoue77, Author
  17. Maurice Oakes, Author
  18. Gnodpom