Question 946: Adjusting Your Future History on the Fly
Richard asks: Has Trump's Space Force caused you to rethink anything in how you write future sequels to your Antithesis books, rewrites, or new properties?...
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Question 945: Heroine’s Journey and Heinlein Juvenile
Nichole asks: Is the Heroines Journey a good vehicle for a Heimlein Juvenile? The Heroine's Journey by Gail Carriger
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Characterization and Wisdom–Kitty Rants
Today, Kitty rants about immortality and wisdom (or the lack thereof) in modern fiction. Dracula Twilight Interview with the Vampire Buffy the Vampire Slayer The...
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Question 944: Finding Mood Music Playlists
Ian asks: I tried searching YouTube for good tone playlists but so far no luck which strikes me as a bad search by me rather than...
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