Question 1102: Reading as a Writer
Joe asks:I’ve been enjoying these short q&a podcasts! Here’s a question for your next one: what is your take on reading as a writer? Do...
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Question 1101: Pacing in Action-Adventure
Tim asks: What're your opinions on pacing an Action-adventure novel? How much action is actually necessary? King Solomon's Mines by H. Rider HaggardSahara by Clive...
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Question 1100: Finding Public Domain Books
Where/how do you go to track down and read those books out of copyright? You mentioned King Solomon's Mine recently and I'd love to get...
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Question 1099: Measuring Yourself as a Writer
Caine asks:In a self evaluation of our own skill sets/aptitudes as a writer, what identifiers should exist that would indicate we have developed into a...
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People around the world use the National Novel Writing Month to provide the motivation to finally write that novel, strike the item off the bucket list. Some people use it to find out if they can do it, to find out if they’ve got what it takes to make a go as a professional writer.

In 2015, we showed how to use NaNoWriMo to build the discipline to launch a career as a professional novelist. Since then, The Every Day Novelist has explored territory from autodiacticism to zoology, all in the name of helping you navigate life’s difficulties while improving your craft, business acumen, writerly discipline, and aesthetic depth. We’ve seen dozens of listeners move from hobbyists to established professional, and hundreds more move from “aspiring writer” to actually living the writing life.

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