Question 360: The Essential Skills

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Andrew asks: “What skills do I need to succeed as an  author/business owner, and in what order should I learn them?”

Resources Mentioned

Business 101
The Copyright Handbook: What Every Writer Needs to Know

Questions 358: Filing Off The Serial Numbers

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Zoe asks: “You mentioned ‘filing off the serial numbers’ to make a derivative work your own. Any tips, tricks, guidelines?”

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Resources Mentioned:

Dr. Faustus
Devil’s Advocate
House, MD
Sherlock Holmes
50 Shades of Grey
Arbiter Chronicles
Star Trek (TOS series)
Imperial Stars: Family d’Alembert, Vol 1
Tsar Wars: Agents of Isis, Vol. 1
Mask of the Red Panda
Black Jack Justice
Suave Rob

Questions 357: Quirky English Prose

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Celine asks: “English is my second language, and I’ve encountered a kind of expression in highly stylized English prose which is difficult to understand. Can you help me?”

Resources Mentioned:

Open Sourced Woman

Moving From Hobbyist to Pro