ArtisticWhispers Productions presents

Open Vistas

An anthology series exploring the vast horizons of human possibility, from the great plains to the great galaxies, from the grubby hands to the clenched fists to the grasping claws, from slashing swords to sparkling starships, from the grime and muck of the stable to the splendor and desolation of alien worlds. The human story is one of pressure and tragedy and triumph in our pursuit of Open Vistas.

We are now accepting submissions for the third of our 2022 anthologies:


Swords In Space!

Dateline: The Future.

Humankind stretches out to the stars.

Maybe they go on generation ships. Maybe they live on space stations. Maybe terraforming bases dominate the worlds of tomorrow. In these hostile places, only two things seem certain:

1) With people come conflicts.

2) In manufactured environments, the wrong kind of conflict might damage your air supply.

So forget regular guns, needle-lasers, ray guns, and anything else that can screw up your habitat. I want stories where the violence and conflict depend on ingeniously adapting ancient weapons to future environments, where this technological shift solves old social problems and creates new ones, and where cultures and religions arise around those weapons to provide them contexts—both accepted and outlaw—within their societies.

Give me swashbucklers, knife fighters, booby-trappers, batons-wielders, pirates, Mafiosos, Robin Hoods, cops, priests, robbers, fugitives, and assassins.

Give me Swords In Space!

To submit your story, email editor @ (be sure to use the phrase “Swords in Space” in the subject line), or use the form on this page.

For payment and other business details, see this page.

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