ArtisticWhispers Productions presents

Open Vistas

An anthology series exploring the vast horizons of human possibility, from the great plains to the great galaxies, from the grubby hands to the clenched fists to the grasping claws, from slashing swords to sparkling starships, from the grime and muck of the stable to the splendor and desolation of alien worlds. The human story is one of pressure and tragedy and triumph in our pursuit of Open Vistas.

We are now accepting submissions for the fourth of our 2022 anthologies:



*Some Assembly Required

Who wouldn’t want to live forever? What could go wrong?

Well, there’s the obvious—outliving your loved ones—but that one’s been done to death.

We’re interested in what it takes to make life work as an immortal. How do you deal with taxes and social security? What would it feel like watching history go by? How would you find novels and movies that kept you interested? What would you do about investments?

When you lose your keys, can you remember which century you left them in?

When you fall in love, how do you cope with the dreaded “age gap”?

And, worst of all, how does your digestion cope with all these modern newfangled foods you didn’t evolve to eat?

Living forever has some pretty cool upsides—but if you want the good, you gotta take the bad. Send us stories of extraordinary people dealing with ordinary lives—and of ordinary people dealing with extraordinarily long lives. What are the unsung problems of living an immortal life…

…and how might your character deal with them in a way that we just HAVE to read about?


To submit your story, email editor @ (be sure to use the word “Immortality” in the subject line), or use the form on this page.

For payment and other business details, see this page.

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