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Episode Delay

Hi, folks! We had a very intense windstorm here at AWP’s secret winter hideout, which knocked out the power lines across the region, and we expect to be without power for st least another day. What does this mean? We’ll continue to record our daily episodes on battery power (last night’s was loads of fun), but we don’t have enough power to edit them… so we’ll get you the episodes when poweris restored at our secret hideaway. Hopefully soon…

Special Announcement: The NaNoGang Writing Challenge

This November we go back to the podcast’s roots as Dan, Kitty, and a few of their friends – five writers in all, at different stages in their careers – each try to finish a novel in a month. Follow their progress every day as they tackle NaNoWriMo.

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Out Sick…

Hi all:

You are probably wondering where we are and when the new episodes are going to drop. Unfortunately, we are all pretty sick here with some kind of upper respiratory thing which has left us sounding like dying frogs. Once we get our voices back, we will record new episodes from the questions in our queue and start dropping them. Feel free to continue to send questions, comments, and death threats unrelated to the plague, consumption, and giant phlegm monsters while we’re away.

See ya soon… (we hope)