Question 1023: Short Story Flashbacks

Nicole asks: What are good ways to tag flashbacks in a short story so that it’s clear to the reader? Resources Mentioned: Witcher (netflix series)Conan the Barbarian Series by Robert E HowardChicken Noodle Gravity by J. Daniel SawyerSunday Morning Giraffe by J. Daniel SawyerAt The Edge of Nowhere by J. Daniel SawyerThe Coffee Service by …

Question 1018: Writing Prompts (What Are They Good For?)

Nicole asks: What exactly are writing prompts? Are they helpful? Resources Mentioned  Open Vistas: After the PeakThe Society of Miserable Bastards by J. Daniel SawyerBuried Alive in the BluesChicken Noodle Gravity by J. Daniel SawyerSuave Rob’s Double-X Derring-Do by J. Daniel Sawyer My Luck, by Mel Todd

Question 1015: Opposing the Current Thing (and State of the Podcasters)

Ed asks: How can a writer oppose the moral panic du jour without being consumed by it? Resources MentionedAdventures of Huck Finn by Mark TwainStarship Troopers by Robert A HeinleinThe Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel HawthorneEvery Day Novelist Success Stories: Mel ToddMel Todd on KDP Select Archivos

Questions 1014: Unreliable Narrator (pt 4 of 4)

Simon asks: Can you recommend any particularly great uses of an unreliable narrator? I mean, aside from Suave Rob… Resources Mentioned: Suave Rob’s Amazing AdventuresThe Usual SuspectsAn Instance of the Fingerpost, by Iain PearsLolita, by Vladmir NabakovThe Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark TwainA Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, by …

Questions 1011: Unreliable Narrators (pt 1 of 4)

Simon asks: Are there any rules or conventions when using an unreliable narrator? I’m writing in first-person already which feels like it would be recommended if not outright required. Resources MentionedThe Usual SuspectsAn Instance of the Fingerpost, by Iain PearsClueThe Murder of Roger Akroyd, by Agatha ChristieLolita, by Vladmir NabakovTime …