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NanoGang Day 17: Gail Carriger and Ed Throw Popcorn

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Today listener Ed joins the competition from a distance, while Gail Carriger offers a corrective over Twitter. Dan’s back in the game, DD blows the doors off, and Kitty finds her feet.

Resources mentioned:
Gail Carriger’s Post on Flow

Word Count:
Dan: 1739
Kitty: 391
Dede: 5000
Tori: 0
Ben: 0

Cumulative Word Count:
Dan: 22315
Dede: 11000
Tori: 4048
Kitty: 4426
Ben: 1148

Questions 590: Handwriting Ergonomics

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Vega asks: “I’ve started handwriting my first drafts to get out of my own way. Any ergonomics tips so I can maintain word count without killing my hands?”

Resources Mentioned
Neil Gaiman on Getting Hooked on Handwriting