1. You mention that you write on average around 1,000-1,500 words per hour (including cycling). Right now, about 900-1,000 is my *peak.* I just can’t seem to push past that. Especially not on average. But if I could get into your range, it would be a heck of a lot easier to reach my writing goals. Right now I grind away for four hours to get 2,000 words on most days.

    Are there methods, tips, tricks you have to increase this rate?

    This probably also ties back to my previous question, as things go particularly slow when I’m starting a new chapter/scene, *especially* if I’m writing without an outline. 🙂

    1. I’m with you, I’m lucky to get 2-4k words a DAY, and that’s after several hours. I think quicker than I can type sadly. The more I type, the sorer my hands get etc. I noticed I do better once I’ve outlined the scenes better which means the train is slow to leave the station but picks up speed as it goes along the track.

      As an aside, I’ve considered switching to dictation but its so expensive that you loose a lot if you don’t use it or like it.

      1. I’ve no trouble typing fast. I can type around 60 WPM. But I can’t seem to write more than an average of 500-700 words in a hour. I don’t know if it’s a focus thing, or what. That’s why I’m hoping Mr. Sawyer here has some advice on how to bump that up. 😀

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