1) Help, I’ve finished book one and I’m having trouble getting the sequel off the ground. I’m under contract for a trilogy and want to get it right but starring at a newly blank document leaves me confused as to where to go.

    2) I want to track my writing productivity to be more efficient but I don’t know how. What do you recommend?

    3) My mind spouts off quicker than I can type, so I’m considering dictation software. However, that’s expensive when my work is pre-publication. How do I know if that routes for me?

    4) I need help finding a quality editor to find the grammar errors quicker than my current solo efforts. How do I find a good editor?

    5) I have a minor brain injury and so require outlines and notes to organize my writing. As the world gets more detailed, my organization system is harder to manage. What do you recommend? Are there software programs to organize things?

  2. Lately the weather irregularities have had me sick, given me headaches and left me just not feeling good. How do you know where to draw the line between taking a break to recoup and sucking it up? I’m afraid to get out of the habit or to lose my momentum towards book two. I’m excited about the story, so that’s not it. Admittedly I’m overwhelmed about starting again but I’m also genuinely ill. Help please!?

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