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Questions 758 – Holiday Cannibalism and Roman’a’Clef

Lisa asks: How does one base characters on real-life people without pissing them off?

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Questions 754 – Hidden Characters

Brad asks: Can you use unseen characters to good effect, and if so… how?

Resources Mentioned

Charlie’s Angels (tv show)
The Shadow over Innsmouth by H.P. Lovecraft
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Frank L. Baum
The Wizard of Oz, film
A Few Good Men
Alien Triple Pack (1-3)
The Thing (1982)
Who Goes There by John Campbell
Psycho (film)
Psycho, a novel by Robert Bloch
Earthcore by Scott Sigler
Down From Ten by J. Daniel Sawyer
The Talented My Ripley, by Patricia Highsmith
Casino Royale, by Ian Fleming

Questions 752 – Resuming a Project

Tim asks: When you go back to an unfinished project, how do you get psyched for it?

Resources Mentioned
Hadrian’s Flight by J. Daniel Sawyer
Suave Rob’s Double-X Derring-Do by J. Daniel Sawyer
The Bodies in the Basement by J. Daniel Sawyer

NanoGang Day 24: From Text Adventure to Story

Today on the NanoGang, a moment of frustration leads to a revelation.

Resources Mentioned:

The Last Jedi
Collosal Cave Adventure home page

Word Count:
Dan 3202
DD: 1100
Kitty: 0
Tori: 0

DD: 14424
Kitty: 8573
Tori: 4704
Ben: 1148

NanoGang Day 18: The Gang’s All Here!

On day eighteen of our challenge, the entire gang is here with updates, word counts, and coconuts.

Word Count:
Dan: 1745
Kitty: 1165
Dede: 25
Tori: 124
Ben: 0

Cumulative Word Count:
Dan: 24060
Dede: 11025
Tori: 4172
Kitty: 5591
Ben: 1148

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