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Questions 697: Memory Tips & Tricks

Roland asks: Writing middle of the night ideas doesn’t work for me, but I’ve tried a few other tricks for remembering things. What do you think?

Resources Mentioned:

Method of Loci: wikipedia article and How Stuff Works article

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Questions 625: Boneyards and Bright Ideas

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Charles asks: “I want to save my ideas for when I’m a better writer. What do I do?”

Resources Mentioned
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
On Faerie Stories, an essay in the collection Tree and Leaf by J.R.R. Tolkien
Silent Victor by J. Daniel Sawyer
He Ain’t Heavy by J. Daniel Sawyer
Predestination (link to podcast)
We Create Worlds by J. Daniel Sawyer
The Bodies in the Basement by J. Daniel Sawyer
Blood and Weeds by J. Daniel Sawyer

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Feedback: I Got My Mojo Back!

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Listener Vega has feedback on finishing your second novels and an update on a previous question.

Resources Mentioned:
I Finished Writing My Second Novella in Time for NaNoWriMo
Ep 246: I’ve Lost My Finishing Mojo

Questions 576: Is NaNoWriMo Worthwhile?

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Sarah asks: “Is NaNoWriMo a good way to practice getting out of your own way, or a spectacular waste of time? ”

Resources Mentioned:
Every Day Novelist: Episode 1