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Questions 615: Finding Fiction Theory Lectures

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Ian asks: “I’ve been watching that Leonard Bernstein music theory lecture, but I’ve never seen anything like that fiction writing. Have you come across that sort of thing?”
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Questions 541: More on Autism and the Brain

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Joel says: “Some autistic traits, such as high affective empathy, can characterized as more feminine than masculine. What do you mean by masculine brain?”

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Resources Mentioned:
Simon Baron-Cohen: Autism and the male brain
Writing Believable Others

Questions 538: Popcorn Fiction

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Robert asks: “What makes popcorn writing worth re-reading?”

Resources Mentioned:
Dragons of Winter Night  a Dragonlance novel by Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis
Unwept by Tracy Hickman and Laura Hickman

Questions 517: Writing and Personal Philosophy

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Jeanne asks: In what ways does your personal philosophy converge with your writing? How does an author maintain an objectvie distance from the voice in which they write? And how does that differ between fiction and nonfiction?

Resources Mentioned
Lecture by J. Michael Stracynzski 

Question 445: Small Concept

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Grace asks: I’ve had works rejected by publishers for being “small.” Do you have any thoughts on “small concept” stories and what works, or doesn’t work about them?

Resources Mentioned

Independence Day
Down From Ten
Smoke Rings
A Ghostly Christmas Present
Bodies in the Basement
Pulp Fiction
James Clavell
Robert Ludlum
Lee Childs
Nora Roberts
Stephen King