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Questions 644: Copyright, ISBN, and IP

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Ian asks: “Do we need to register copyrights to defend our IP in court? Does buying ISBN numbers have any bearing?”

Resources Mentioned
The Copyright Handbook by Stephen Fishman, J.D.

Questions 601: Wait, Don’t Tell Me

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Simon asks: “I’ve heard that established writers don’t want to hear your ideas. Is this true, and if so – why?”
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Questions 515: Splitting Copyright

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Ed asks: What are the pros and cons of splitting your copyright between yourself and your production/publishing company? How do you decide who owns what?

Resources Mentioned
S-corp vs. C-corp vs. LLC
Tax Savvy for Small Businesses

Question 360: The Essential Skills

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Andrew asks: “What skills do I need to succeed as an  author/business owner, and in what order should I learn them?”

Resources Mentioned

Business 101
The Copyright Handbook: What Every Writer Needs to Know

Questions 249: Contracts, Republishing, and Expanding

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Cain asks:
“What are the general dos and don’ts of republishing work that’s already appeared in anthologies?”

Resources mentioned:
The Copyright Handbook by Stephen Fishman
Some Might Call It Infringement
Chicken Noodle Gravity by J. Daniel Sawyer
Cold Duty by J. Daniel Sawyer
The Man In The Rain by J. Daniel Sawyer
The History of Middle Earth by JRR Tolkien