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Dark Justice Audio Promo

The Dark Justice storybundle (which you can find by clicking on the link, or the banner at the top of this page, or the image at the bottom of this post) is entering the home stretch, and we’re still trying to spread the word. If you have a podcast, a blog, a facebook page, a tumblr account, a twitter account, or any other sort of obsession that might touch fans of nail-biting dark mysteries, now’s the time to spread the word.

Bring them the images. Bring them the audio.
Bring them Dark Justice!


Welcome to the NANOWRIMO Every Month podcast!  I’m your host, J. Daniel Sawyer. As a mid-career professional writer with 20 books and 30-odd short stories to my credit, I will be your guide on this whirlwind 33-day journey. Join me, and a few guests, as we beat the pants off of NanoWriMo and learn how to do a NanoWriMo every month.