Questions 727: Making Tracks Audiobook

Ian asks: Is there an audiobook version of Making Tracks?

Resources Mentioned:
Making Tracks: A Writer’s Guide to Audiobooks and How to Produce Them (2nd ed) by J. Daniel Sawyer

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Questions 722: Resources for Writing Genius

Katarina asks: Can you recommend any further reading on the advantages and disadvantages of having a high IQ?

Resources Mentioned:

The Curse of the High IQ, by Aaron Cleary
When Can Having a High IQ be a Problem? – article in Psychology Today
The Inappropriately Excluded – article in The Polymathic Institute supporting the 30-pt Communication Gap
Myth of the 30 point Communication Gap – article in Discover Magazine debunking the idea
Quora question: Is Having a High IQ a Curse?
Quora question: Are people with high IQs generally happy?

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