Today we have two questions…
Charles asks for help identifying a story type, as well as recommendations for other works in this type.
JR asks: “When incorporating feedback from your first reader, copy editor, and proofreader, how to decide what to keep/toss, and how do you structure your work?”



  1. Dear Dan,

    I missed several of your podcasts while I was on a short holiday. Thus, I didn’t listen to Episode 267 until this morning. Hope my comments are not too late.

    You asked about the name for and examples of standalone stories within novels. I cannot tell you if there is an official classification for this type of fiction but I can offer an example:
    Ernest Hemingway’s Islands In The Stream. His “big book” (published posthumously) was a novel written as a connected series of three stories – each one a standalone novel – from different periods in the life of the main character, Thomas Hudson.

    Hope this might help.

    Randy Green

    Randy Green
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