1. Just commission an artist to produce 1 piece of art work for a flat fee. Then you get to use it anyway you want to. I’ve had success with Fiverr for this. The “Sonar” style logo at my website was done at Fiverr.

      1. With a talented artist they will offer a decent basic piece of art for the 5.00 fee which all fiverrs are based on. They will most likely also have “options” that you can pay more for such as adding a background or adding color.

        Depending on how complex of a book cover you want you may want to pay a Fiverr artist for the fiverr and for some of the options. Or, you can also hire two different Fiverr artists, one to do more of an over all cover design and then another to do a specific logo or illustration used in the cover. You get to make whatever deal you can finagle with them.

        It may take a bit more money or a bit of logistics to set it up but Fiverr is totally doable.

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