1. Since I can’t afford a monthly subscription, is there any way to do a one time donation through Patreon? I looked at the link on the right and it only offered the continuous monthly subscriptions and nothing for a one time donation. Wish I could do more, and hope we keep getting questions so I can keep learning!!

    An idea, maybe some short interviews of the processes of other writers?


    1) I would love to hear how you transitioned from amateur writer into professional author.

    2) I would also love to hear about you as a young (-er) writer and how you came to your calling.

    3) What do you use as your muse when you’re writing? How do you find your stories/plots?

    4) What was the hardest story you ever wrote and why?

    5) Are there things or topics that are hard for you to personally write? How do you overcome that, or do you?

    6) Is there some topic or activity that you’re passionate about that you sneak into every story? I’m thinking of Clive Cussler who writes himself into a bit role in every one of his books (bus driver, taxi driver, rich car enthusiast, etc)

    7) What has becoming an author taught you about humanity/the world around you that you feel is worth sharing to us plebs?

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