Ep 26: Bringing the Threads Together

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Now as you approach the climax, you’re going to need to start bringing the threads together. What do you do if you’ve lost track of them? What do you do if your subconscious isn’t letting you proceed through to the end? Here are some ideas.

Ep 25: Why Your Writing Deserves The Font Seat

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Writing every day is all about priorities. And sometimes, negotiating priorities gets…complicated. But making those tough decisions are essential to having a career that lasts. Here are some things worth considering.

Ep 19: The Voices In Your Head

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There are voices you’ve absorbed from reading, and there are voices you’ve absorbed from living. Both will get in the way of your writing if you don’t figure out how to shut them up. Here are some techniques for doing just that.

Moving From Hobbyist to Pro