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Ep 15: Bracketing The Problem

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Brackets can save your flow when you’re in it, but using them the wrong way can cut you off from some amazing opportunities. Here’s how to tell the difference between what you should fix later, and what you should take time off to research ASAP.

Ep 14: Cycling

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Dreading the revisions at the end of your novel? Wondering how to keep your complicated plot from going off the rails, even when you’re working without an outline? This technique can solve both problems for you, and unlock other creative possibilities besides.

Ep 13: Care and Feeding of Your Forearms

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Believe it or not, writing can actually take a serious toll on your body, and the damage you do can lead to disability, surgery, or premature death. Here’s how to avoid the pitfalls and keep yourself healthy and writing into extreme old age.