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DD and Kitty and Dan discuss the problem of too-smart characters, and Dan finally busts his slump.

Word Count:
Dan: 552
Kitty: 0
Dede: 0
Tori: 0
Ben: 0

Cumulative Word Count:
Dan: 21128
Dede: 6432
Tori: 4048
Kitty: 4035
Ben: 1148


  1. In this episode, Kitty said one of her characters was too smart about survival. I didn’t hear the suggestion of having that character get injured (maybe head trauma) in a way that they could no longer help out. Then you could have two or three flawed alpha-types step in and try to take over with disastrous results until a meek character (preferably opposite sex of the expert) end up rising to the top and becoming the new leader in a completely unlikely way. Anyway, an idea to throw out there for Kitty. I am enjoying the daily updates and rooting for you all! Dan, hopefully you will have a follow-up after nano where writers discuss their novel ideas and where they hoped to go with them (or as much as they can without feeling they are giving away their story idea).

    1. I will definitely spring your comments on her on the show tonight 🙂
      And yeah, I’m hoping we’ll get to do a post-show. A lot of the writers are getting pretty discouraged right now–here’s hoping they stick with it *fingers crossed*
      -Dan (who is logged in as Kitty because the browser was already logged in and I’m lazy)


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