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Zoe  asks: “How can I learn to hear my own voice, and beef up my plot structure and character skills too?”

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Resources Mentioned:

Just Write You Tube Channel
David Farland’s Kick in the Pants (newsletter)
Jordan Peterson’s Maps of Meaning
Joseph Campbell: Hero With A Thousand Faces
Lester Dent’s Master Pulp Formula
J.R.R. Tolkien’s On Fairy Stories
The Empathy Machine
Criminal Minds
John Douglas, Mind Hunter and Anatomy of Motive
Thomas Harris, Silence of the Lambs and Red Dragon
Monty Python’s Flying Circus

In this episode, I described Terry Gilliam’s accent as being from Marin. That is incorrect – he is from Minnesota and Los Angeles. Additionally, John Cleese has returned to the UK. America’s loss!



  1. I enjoyed the podcast as always, but I think your assessment of Joseph Campbell being “up his own backside” isn’t fair and doesn’t consider the context of his work. Everything Joseph Campbell did was in an academic context, and about comparative mythology.

    His work was not targeted at fiction writers or in the context of writing craft. Even when he used fiction as an example (Star Wars etc) he was looking at it through the lense of mythology and human history/culture, not entertainment fiction. And as far as academia goes, his work is actually pretty accessible to the layman.

    Thanks for all of the podcast goodness, keep it up.

  2. A fantastic episode. I’m very interested in this as I consider my first sequel. JD, would you be able to follow up and look at the plot structure for stories like Spiderman: Homecoming where a character needs to learn they are of worth without a particular widget or power?

    R Max Tillsley
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