1. I have a short story fiction podcast. Whenever I finish a short story I podcast it. It’s been a while since I have done that because I’ve been working on novels lately, but you can find all of my stuff just by clicking on my name here which will lead you to my website. I also do a podcast where I read my book reviews and then give a few thoughts on the book after reading my review.

    Huge fan of the show. Keep up the great work! Thanks for sharing all of your awesome knowledge with us!

  2. Somehow do. At the moment busy with final year and getting my diploma, so not much happening there. But last year I put out some short Audio Drama pieces and an Audio Fiction piece that completely killed me in terms of editing. I wanted to put “some” sound effects underneath it and ended up sound scaping the whole scenery of the story. Part Two of that short story is still not out. (The whole story is approx. 2400 words… but it’s also set outside in the woods in winter with no dialog)

    My question would be: Are there some shortcuts towards a nicely crafted Audio Fiction piece, that contains a bit more than a voice telling the story and some music, but still doesn’t take up hours of sound editing? Or is there just no way to produce something like that time-efficiently?

    Coming from an Audio Drama background I personally like a bit more than a simple read-out-loud. Personal Favourites in that field: Metamor City (Making the Cut), No Sleep Podcast. I wouldn’t expect to put out such lengths at their pace of course, but getting my 15-minute-piece together a bit fast would be nice. 😉


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