YA Adventure Special 6: Hadrian’s Flight, Complication

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I continue the blow-by-blow of writing Hadrian’s Flight in 34 days. I talk about structural decisions I made, and why I made them, and how I coped with a new series of curve-balls the story threw me that I wasn’t expecting.

Extreme Science Fiction!

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Enjoy 🙂

YA Adventure Special 5: Hadrian’s Flight, Opening

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Now that we’ve tackled the formula, I get into the actual blow-by-blow of writing Hadrian’s Flight in 34 days. I talk about false starts, plot derailments, and finding some kind of groove.

YA Adventure Special 4: The Heinlein Juvenile Pt 2

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Today, I continue with the Heinlein Juvenile formula sheet, talking about what makes the Heinlein juveniles unusual among young adult novels and which of them create their enduring appeal.

Books discussed, all by Robert A. Heinlein:
Rocketship Galileo
Space Cadet
Farmer in the Sky
Red Planet
Between Planets
The Rolling Stones
Starman Jones
Tunnel in the Sky
The Star Beast
Time for the Stars
Citizen of the Galaxy
Have Space Suit, Will Travel

YA Adventure Special 3: The Heinlein Juvenile Pt 1

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We’ve talked about formulas–what they are, and how to uncover them. Now, we examine the formula for the Heinlein Juvenile in great detail. In this episode, we talk about the roots of the Heinlein Juvenile. Wonder what all the fuss is about? This is where we start to dig in!