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Feedback: Heroine’s Journey

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Resources Mentioned:
Virgin’s Promise, by Kim Hudson
Heroine’s Journey, by Maureen Murdock

Feedback: Stress Testing Checklist

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Ed has feedback and shares tips on stress testing a premise…

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Resources Mentioned
Ed’s Stress Test Questions
  • Where do the raw materials required for this premise?
  • What are the maintenance requirements?
  • How long will it take to make this happen?
  • Has something like this ever been tried before?
  • How could this premise be intentionally abused?
  • What could go wrong?

Feedback: Iterating Ideas and Preposterous Premises

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Vega has feedback on recent episode Testing Your Premise 

Resources Mentioned
Questions 331: Interrogating Your Brain for Fun and Profit
Questions 350: Interrogating Your Work
Iron Council by China Mieville
Making Tracks pt 1 & 2, by Stephen H. Wilson

Feedback: I Got My Mojo Back!

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Listener Vega has feedback on finishing your second novels and an update on a previous question.

Resources Mentioned:
I Finished Writing My Second Novella in Time for NaNoWriMo
Ep 246: I’ve Lost My Finishing Mojo

Questions 573: Apocalypse Recommendations

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Robert has feedback and more recommendations for apocalypse fiction.

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Resources Mentioned
Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham
Day of the Triffids adaptations: 1962 movie, and 1981 and 2009 tv series
The Chrysalids by John Wyndham
28 Days Later