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NanoGang Day 27: Santa’s Naughty List

In our Thanksgiving day update, we all have a food coma and talk Swiss Family Robinson, Santa, and future anthologies.

Resources Mentioned

Milk Run, by Nathan Lowell
Swiss Family Robinson by Johann Wyss

Word counts:
Kitty 400
Dan 160
Tori 0
DD 0

Dan 42000
DD 15214
Kitty 9889
Tori 4704

NanoGang Day One: Power Outages and Writing Tech

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The first day of our challenge sees power outages, illnesses, and brain freezes beset our participants. Conversations about tech, hot tubs, and the creative value of batteries abound!

Word Count Totals:

Tori: 0
Ben: 0 story, 700 developmental notes
DeDe: 1363
Kitty: 220
Dan: 2250 on nano project, 1000 on other projects