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NanoGang Day 21: Scene Cards and Deadlines

Today the gang talks about the value of deadlines, using scene cards to help plan your next move, and creating conflict for your characters.

Word Count:
Dan: 2203
Kitty: 538
Dede: 739
Tori: 432
Ben: 0

Cumulative Word Count:
Dan: 28425
Dede: 12411
Kitty: 6986
Tori: 4604
Ben: 1148

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Special Episode: Emergency NaNoWriMo (with Writer’s Block!)

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A new recording block is upon us, and it comes on the heels of a protracted battle with writer’s block. I had to write an emergency novel-in-a-month, and boy was it a pain getting started! I tell you all about it within, and lift the curtain on some new content coming to the Nanocast as a result. It’s good to be back!