YA Adventure Special 11: Hadrian’s Flight, Moments of Truth

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Today in our walk-through of Hadrian’s Flight, Hadrian’s confession leads to a cunning plan, while the writer begins gathering the plot threads together.

YA Adventure Special 10: Hadrian’s Flight, Pinch Point

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We continue our journey through Hadrian’s Flight. Now we’re at the pinch point in the novel, where our main character goes from being reactive to proactive, and as a result the world changes around him.

It’s Time For NaNoWriMo!

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I’m back just in time for November, the very month in which we started this whole crazy adventure last year. Today I talk about what kept me away, what’s going to be happening here now that I’m back, and some crazy bumps in my own creative life that have bumped my schedule around so that I’m doing a novel-in-a-month this very month! Join me on this new odyssey and bring your friends–it’s gonna be a fun ride!

Moving From Hobbyist to Pro