Writing a novel is a bucket list item. Almost everyone thinks they’ve got a good novel in them, and everyone has stories to tell. People around the world use NanoWriMo to provide the motivation to finally write that novel, strike the item off the bucket list. Some people use it to find out if they can do it, to find out if they’ve got what it takes to make a go as a professional writer.

But there is another way. NanoWriMo provides an excellent environment of solidarity to learn how to build the habits that will allow you to produce at a professional pace.

This podcast is about moving from hobbyist to professional. It’s about overcoming obstacles, about expected roadblocks, about the discipline and craft of being a professional writer.

I’m your host, J. Daniel Sawyer. As a mid-career professional writer with 24 books and 30-odd short stories to my credit, I will be your guide on this whirlwind 33-day journey. Travel with me as we beat the pants off of NanoWriMo and learn how to do a NanoWriMo every month.

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